Monday, August 17, 2009

homemade everyday


We are Chris and Pepper (aka Jeno)

Welcome to our new blog about cooking homemade everyday.

This blog will be entirely dedicated to food, our love of food, recipes, tips and ideas. The idea behind this happened because we became sick of eating out. Tired of being disappointed by mediocre food, high prices, inconsistent quality, poor service - you name it. We have decided to challenge ourselves to not eating out for an entire year. Now, unless we are out of town or have been invited somewhere for a special occasion, then we will have to bend the rules. But three weeks in and so far so good!

We have always loved to cook, dream of having our own food type business, not sure how or what, maybe catering, maybe personal chef or a small cafe type restaurant some day.

We love to cook - period. We love to experiment. We love to share our food and our friends and family love to eat our food.

So who knows what will come of this. Please leave comments so we know you are reading and enjoying this blog.
And should you have any questions - please ask away!!

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